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The parts that are highlighted in BOLD are audio-only sections in the above video.  The rest, is spoken by our GVO conference spokes person.

The complete text from the above video is posted below. 

Are you looking to explode your business and engage with people from all over the world without leaving your office? You have come to the right place.

For only $8.97 a month, GVO Conference can be your effective web conferencing solution that allows you to collaborate with as many people as you want in real time.


Web conferencing is not just for large corporations anymore.  What we have is a game changer.  Here at GVO we have made web conferencing affordable for anyone in the world with an internet connection.


In fact, what our competition charges $100 a month for, we charge for only $8.97 per month.


Use GVO’s easy and user friendly interface to share your desktop, chat in live audio and video, create live feedback polls for interaction, and even record your whole webinar for later, on demand viewing.


With GVO Conference you can hold unlimited meetings.  Whether you are on a Mac or a PC, it works great on both.  Your complete conference room interface can also be set for other languages, giving your attendees a more personal touch, based on their country of origin.


There is absolutely no cost to your attendees.  All they have to do is show up!  You will be able to invite your guests and attendees with our turnkey conference inviter system.


For just $8.97 a month, you can get started now with a 50-seat conference room that will include all these amazing features.  Or simply fill in the required fields below to receive a complete trial of this awesome communications system.


It’s time to bring the world closer to you.